Active Lifecycle process

We’ve developed a 3-step process for helping eCommerce clients generate maximum ROI from email marketing.

Step 1

develop your "Repeat customer journey"

eCommerce brands make a profit on repeat customers, so our first step is to build retention into your brand’s DNA.

We do this by creating a logical narrative of why your best customers should buy more than once from you. 

What’s the result? Lower cost of acquisition, more profit, and better relationships with your customers

second purchase
Step 2

Install Your "Flywheel Flows"

We write, design, and install a powerful suite of custom email automations that are mapped to your brand’s ‘Active Journey’ and consistently take people from “visitor” to “repeat customer” in record time.

Step 3


Broadcast campaigns should make up about 50% of your email revenue.

We help you take your email program to the next level with copy-focused, story-based broadcasts your subscribers will actually want to read.

This means you can generate huge paydays every time you send, without having to hawk discounts or spam subscribers.

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