How We Took An Automative Brand’s Dormant Email & SMS List From Lifeless To $1,400,000 In 6 Months

Key Results Acheived

$1,400,000+ generated from email & SMS in 6 months (compared to $0 over the last 12 months)

150,000+ re-engaged subscribers on their email list

How It Started

This automotive brand came to us after taking a year-long break from eCommerce sales due to unforeseen circumstances. Before shutting things down, their previous agency had driven lots of revenue through email (nothing via SMS), but had done it by slamming their list with incessant discounts and promotions.


As a result, their customer base had started to resent hearing from them and their key email KPIs showed drastic signs of degradation prior to the shutdown.


Luckily, the brand’s products are absolutely game changing and high-quality. So we had a great foundation to work with.


The owners of this brand hired 100 Celsius to:


👉 Develop and execute a strategy for standing up a brand-new Klaviyo account while also re-engaging their dormant email list of more than 800,000 people who hadn’t been mailed in more than 11 months.


👉 Launch SMS as a profitable marketing channel.


👉 Develop a campaign and automations strategy that was focused on customer education and relationship building to generate sales (instead of relying on discounts and promotions).

What We Did

Our first step in working with this brand was conducting an extensive audit of their previous marketing and customer journey and their dormant email list. From there, we put together a step-by-step roadmap for their email & SMs marketing program as well as the re-engagement strategy.


Some of the key action items that we recommended and implemented for them include:


✅ A robust cleansing of the dormant email list with a significant investment in deduplication, validating consent status, and cleaning out spam traps and non-valid emails.


✅ Developing and launching a list reengagement workflow that we ran 800,000+ subscribers through in gradual phases to protect deliverability. This was focused heavily on generating responses and engagement from the list to avoid spam issues.


✅ Developing, writing, and designing a new set of core email & SMS automations, with a focus on brand education, personal connection with the owner, and helping customers achieve success with their products.


✅ Scaling up broadcast campaigns via both email & SMS, focusing on recurring educational content, promotional events, segmented offers, and customer highlights to drive long-term engagement.

The Results

Over 6 months of working together, we helped this brand launch their entire email and SMS program and scale their combined revenue contribution to more than 45% of total sales during that period (70% of total revenue in Q4).


During these 6 months, we were able to help them generate approx. $1.4 million in sales from email & SMS:

TopCoat 6 Months
TC PS 6 months

Most importantly, we were able to help this brand create these results through a customer-first, educational approach to email, showcasing personality and empathy.

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