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Here at 100 Celsius, we help Shopify and Shopify Plus brands scale with relationship-first email & SMS.


Our favorite people to work with are driven, customer-focused entrepreneurs who want to make a huge impact in with lives and businesses. Since you made it to this page... that probably means you are that sort of person.


So let's get in touch! There are three main ways we can connect:

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The Boiling Point

A Newsletter For Shopify Founders Who Want To Scale Their Brand Without Selling Their Soul

Ever get tired of gurus telling you to "build relationships" or "add value" with your marketing... but never giving any specifics about how to do it?


Us too.


That's why we're launching The Boiling Point.


It's a weekly newsletter where we'll share the same exact techniques we use to create massive paydays and amazing customer relationships for our clients using email & SMS.


Our goal is to create the most useful marketing newsletter in existence - all for less than $30/month. And it will come with all sorts of cool bonuses like a private Slack group and monthly coaching calls.


For that reason though, we will only be opening up a small number of spots at the beginning to ensure quality.


If you'd like to be notified as soon as we open access to The Boiling Point, make sure to join our waitlist here:

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I love connecting with other entrepreneurs and marketers on social media.


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3) Work With Our Team 1-on-1

Here at 100 Celsius, we are customer engagement strategists who specialize in helping 6, 7, and 8-figure Shopify brands with email & SMS marketing. We work with brands in many different verticals such as fitness, supplements, CBD, apparel, pet supplies, automotive, and more.


We offer multiple services including consulting, strategy development, and "done-for-you" email & SMS management.


If you'd like to explore working hands-on with our team, we'd love for you to get in touch on this page and schedule a time to chat: