Buyer Success Flows: How to Double Your Customer Retention With This Post-Purchase Automation

In this article, I'll show you how to set up a "buyer success" email flow that can help you significantly increase your customer satisfaction, leading to more repeat orders.

Bryan Starck

Bryan Starck

Founder @ 100 Celsius

Buyer Success Flows
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    A good customer retention rate doesn’t come easily. And there’s no sugar-coating it: it’s hard to get ahead when most of your expensive, new customers never come back for another order.


    But do you want to know one of the most important factors in achieving better retention rates?


    Buyer success.


    In other words, taking ownership of your customer’s success and setting up dedicated email flows to guide them toward it.


    This guide will show you how to set up a buyer success email flow that goes before a catch-all post-purchase flow. If all goes well, you’ll increase your customer retention rate and future engagement.


    Step 1 – Decide whether you want to write a separate flow for each product or category


    Take a look at your bandwidth, product catalog size, and the complexity of your products. Consider how each of those factors influences how many flows you should write. Is it worth your time to create different flows or would one flow suffice? Do you have the resources to spare for multiple flows?


    You may have to compromise, thanks to budget, time, and general mundane inconveniences, but only you know which method will work best for you and your business. One flow may be enough, but separate flows could be ideal if you have unique products and categories. If you prefer to tinker around with a single flow until you get the hang of things, that’s a perfectly reasonable approach too.

    Step 2 – List out everything a customer of this product would need to know or do to use, complete, or consume it properly

    Create A Protocol

    What will contribute the most to your customers’ success with your product? Do your buyers need extra information to get the most out of your product? Will they have a different, potentially negative, experience if they lack a single instruction?


    Brainstorm and figure out every single factor that could have an impact on your customers’ success. Keep in mind that your customers could feel like you don’t care about them if you don’t provide them with what they need for success, or stop communicating with them after they buy. That’s the last thing you want ―otherwise, they might assume there’s something at fault with your offer.


    So think about what they need to feel taken care of. Would they need a manual or guide? How about video tutorials, or instructional blog content? Just plain old accountability? Be as detailed as you can be, it’ll pay off later.

    Step 3 – List out all possible roadblocks, problems, or objections a customer might encounter on the path to using this product

    Confused person looking at options for email marketing

    What could happen if your customers don’t have all the information they need? Could they accidentally break the product? Would they decide the product wasn’t worth the cost after all?


    Think about every problem a customer could have, especially concerning the information you came up with in Step 2. Customers can have issues with even the best or most straightforward products. That can lead to a soured opinion of your business and, eventually, customers could spread that opinion to others who might not have tried your product yet.


    What that really means is a lack of foresight could cost you customers that you haven’t even had the chance to make a positive impression on. That impacts your profit potential and does you no favors in terms of business growth.

    Step 4 – Write a series of emails specifically for the product/category that’s ordered, based on Steps 2 & 3

    Take everything you’ve come up with so far. Create emails that directly contribute to buyer success with assistance and education. Show customers how to get the most out of your product or service.


    In the same vein, help them overcome any potential problems they might run into. Think about the logical progression of how they’ll use the product. Maybe they could use a guide first then some tips from other customers. It depends on your product and your customers, so dig deep and put yourself in their shoes.


    Do this, and you’ll present yourself as not only helpful but knowledgeable. A true expert, willing to share the secrets, the tips, and tricks that make all the difference.


    Likewise, you’re setting customers up for success. The higher the chance of success for them, the higher the odds they’ll like what you have to offer and trust you enough to return for second and third orders.

    Step 5 – After a customer finishes their “buyer success” flow, move them into a “catch-all” post-purchase flow or into your main broadcast list

    Now your customer is primed and ready to move into your regular post-purchase flow. They would have ended up there anyway, but now you’ve done your part to make sure they continue along the best path for their success. Not only will that mean success for the customer, but it’ll also spell success for you.


    Do the first four steps correctly and you’ll ensure a higher retention rate and lifelong fans. Add in this step and you’ll have a balanced, symbiotic relationship between your flows.

    Final Thoughts

    Look, there’s one thing you need to realize. Your job isn’t done once you sell a product to a customer. Not even close.


    In fact, that’s only the start and about 10% of the full process. The other 90% is helping your customers achieve success and holding them accountable.


    One of the best ways to do that? Set up a tailored buyer success flow before your post-purchase flow.


    If you follow the steps above, you’ll have exactly that.


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